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I just finished 2020. Looking to 2021 and the year ahead, I think about what is in store for this year. This year started out a little better than how 2020 started. I feel empowered and focused on how I want 2021 to go. This will be the year of more experiences and more decisions. The words of Tyler Durden ring in my ears. "Stop trying to control everything and just let go. LET GO!"

That leads me to this blog. I have never created a blog so you can bet there will be mistakes, bad grammar and punctuation. What I hope I convey is authenticity. I have already started to plan an adventure for 2021. Something that I started planning in 2020. I wanted to use this blog to write down what I am thinking, feeling, even doing as I prepare for different things. This is the first.

Before I get into the first adventure maybe I should tell you a little about me. I am 49 years old and live in Upstate NY. I have always been someone that likes adventure. I joined the military at 18 years old. While serving our country I was able to do many neat things. One of those things is being part of the US Army Parachute Team the "Golden Knights". A group of elite parachutists competing around the world at skydiving competitions and performing demonstration parachute jumps. In that time I was able to exit a plane that was flying at 12,500 feet above the ground over 4000 times. After 11 years of active duty Army I decided to leave the Army and go into a finance career where every thing started to slow down quite a bit. To stay adventurous I took time to get my private pilots license, thinking this would help. It did a bit but flying around your home town will only get an adventurous soul so far. Deep down I still had the desire to travel and experience other parts of the world. After getting out of the Army I spent a week back packing in Costa Rica and in 2004 I did the same in Belize. Both trips were something that I knew I wanted to do again. To not know where you are going and not really caring. LET GO! What I have found are the times that I have LET GO are the times that I have really enjoyed the most. This is going to be the year of LET GO!

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